General Terms and Conditions/ GTC

  1. The contract is concluded as soon as the accommodation has been ordered/ reserved/ booked by the guest and confirmed by the Hotel and obligates the parties to fulfillment. The guest is obliged to pay the agreed price if the contractual service is not used (non arrival, cancellation, revocation, termination).
  2. The accommodation will only be used by the contracted number of persons fort he contract period.
  3. The guest is responsible for the safekeeping of the keys. He / she assumes liability for the use of the received keys and bears the consequences in case of loss. The passing on of the keys is prohibited. Upon departure, all keys received must be returned. If the keys are not returned, the cost of restoring the security will be paid by the guest.
  4. For Internet and WiFi use, all illegal activities are prohibited. The visit of illegal sites, inadmissible downloads or other infringements are to be omitted. Resulting claims for damages, cease and desist claims and costs, borne solely by the polluter. The guest is also solely responsible for logging out of their personal accounts (Netflix, Youtube and so on) upon departure. In any case a liability of the Hotel is excluded.
  5. The guest and the fellow travellers must adhere to the house rules.
  6. Violations of the house rules or general terms and conditions can lead to immediate termination by the Hotel and entitle the Hotel in any case to claims for damages against the guest. Particular emphasis should be placed here on the careful handling of the inventory, compliance with the smoking bans, the regulations on rest periods, the duty of the guest to the general care and cleanliness.
  7. Should any leftover food or toiletries be disposed of in the toilet, sink or shower and cause blockage or damage, the cost of repair and overhaul will be borne by the guest.
  8. The Hotel is not liable for valuables, wardrobe, forgotten or lost property or damage to property of the guest, which occur in the house or its related areas.
  9. The local bed tax / tourist tax is due upon arrival in the current applicable amount.
  10. Exclusive jurisdiction is Rhodes.


Our House Rules

 Dear Guest!

Our accommodation should be a home for you, in which you always feel good! We ask you and your fellow travellers to adhere to the following small rules.


General is to be considered:

Please let us know, if you miss something in our Hotel, if something should be improved or if we can be of any assistance. We would be happy to help.

Please treat the device carefully. So the next guests can also feel like home in our Hotel. If there is any damage to the furnishings, please notify us immediately. Often you can clarify things quickly and easily with the liability insurance.


Check in time: from 15:00

Check out time: till 11:00



Please dispose of the waste only in the designated containers.



Please only smoke outside. No smoking is permitted in the accommodation, stairwell and Restaurant.



Please do not dispose of any food leftovers or toiletries in the toilet, shower or sink. Use instead the designated waste bins.


Rest / Lunch time:

On Rhodes is the night rest to keep from 24:00 - 7:00 and the midday rest from 12:00 - 15:00.


Duty of care:

Please close all windows and doors carefully before leaving the accommodation. We assume no liability for theft or burglary. Please handle the furnishings carefully. Environmentally friendly use of water and electricity is important to us all. Please do not carry furniture from the interior to the outside.


Valuables/ Damages:

The Hotel is not liable for valuables, wardrobe, forgotten or lost property or damage to property of the guest, which occur in the house or its related areas.



In case of the loss of the key/keys, it is necessary to replace all the entire locking system to restore safety. The costs are to be borne by the guest!



  • Please do not reprogram devices like the TV, WIFI router etc. Illegal activities on the Internet are to be omitted. Please also logout from your personal accounts (for example at Netflix or Youtube). In any case a liability of the hotel is excluded.
  • Restaurant opening times: 07:00-11:00; 13:00-15:00; 19:00-21:00 Appropriate clothing must be worn in the restaurant (particularly no bathing suits).
  • Unless otherwise booked, the room cleaning is every 2nd
  • Please do not use the bath towels at the pool or beach.
  • The pool rules are to be followed. The Hotel assumes no liability in the event of infringement. Please pay particular attention to your children. The general use of the pool is in the responsibility of the guest. For example for incompatibilities or damages, the Hotel is not liable. It is not allowed to use the pools after drinking alcohol. Please use the showers before using the pools. Glasses are not allowed in the pool area for safety reasons.
  • Please do not fill up bottles at the beverage machines.
  • Please do not feed animals in the hotel area or take them into the rooms.
  • To ensure the health and well-being of all guests, the general hygiene rules must be followed (especially in the restaurant).